Cremation Stones: Things You Should Know About These

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Cremation stones give you the memory of your loved one when they pass on. It serves as a tribute to their life, thus making a good one is paramount. Making the right decision in the time of emotional turmoil can be hard. This guide will help you through the whole aspect of the cremation process. 

Importance Of Cremation stones

Cremation stones serve as unwavering symbols to the lives of the deceased. Research proved that when an individual has a permanent place, they can visit regularly, it helps them to cope with grieve and pay respect to their loved one. It also helps them to heal faster than those who don't have such a place. 

There is a great feeling of comfort to the families with a remembrance place of their gone dear ones. Many families with a remembrance place have confessed that cremation stones are therapeutic as they give them a sense of closure by creating a tribute that will outlast time. 

Cremation process stone is a personal and meaningful process; nonetheless, it involves unclear terms that may be confusing to a newbie. With this step by step guide, we will walk with you through the process of honoring your loved ones, and you will get to know what it entails. 

Cremation Process

It may be hard to go on with a process you don't understand. Without exact information on how burial works, you can only visualize what happens. Even though the cremation process has been around for many years, it can be a mystery since you may not know what happens behind the scenes. 

Understanding how the whole cremation process work helps to ease the anxiety many people have about the entire idea. The purpose of the cremation process is to ensure that the operation and operator are safe, the body of the deceased is identified, and the respect, care, and wishes of the deceased are followed to the latter.

To ensure you achieve a successful cremation process, here is a step by step guide of how to about it and understand what happens during and after the procedure. 

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Identification And The Authorization Of The Body

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It's essential to have the required documents and the necessary signatures before you begin the whole process. Some records may take longer time than expected to be processed. Remember the death certificate is needed to get the permit for cremation. Pertinent documents together with death certificate are to be signed by the medical authorities who will state the cause of death. In case there is an investigation that needs to be done by federal agencies, local state, the police or the county coroner the process may take longer. Coordinating with the examiners concerning autopsies or the medical records will help to avoid delays. 

Preparing The Body

There are few preparations done before the cremation of the body. First, anything from the body exterior such as jewelry is removed to prevent it from any damages.

If the deceased had a surgical or radioactive therapeutic implant in any part of the body, which may cause detrimental to the surrounding, it is put away to avoid complications. 

The Placement Of The Body To Cremation Container

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Cremation must take place in a fireproof and a rigid container made from sturdy cardboard or wood. Your cremation service provided will include the container in their overall cremation cost. Nevertheless, inquire from them if they have included the price of this container in their final amount to avoid hidden fees.  

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 Moving The Body To the Cremation Chamber

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The preheating of the chamber is before cremation to over 2000 degree Fahrenheit. Then the placement of the body will take place. In a less contemporary facility, body placement takes place manually. In our modern days, there are industrial furnaces designed specifically for cremation.

It takes three to four hours to complete the cremation process. After that, the cooling process will take place, which may take less than an hour. In the cremation process, the body is never left open to the flame, which is a widespread belief.  

Refinement Of The Ashes

Once the ash has cooled, the person in charge examines the ash thoroughly to ensure no impurities are remaining. This refinement process may be done with a magnet or manually. Afterward, there is the pouring of the ashes to a cremator that pulverizes all cremated remains into a thin fine powder. The cremation process is complete at this point; the remains of your loved one are now fully prepared and ready for the final. 

Returning The Ashes

This is the final step where the ashes are placed temporarily in a container or the one the deceased family chooses. Majority of cremation services will let you select either a temporary or a permanent urn. Many families go for a temporary urn made of cardboard or plastic to cut cost and then move them later to a long-lasting urn. A temporary one may be very cost-effective if you are planning to honor the life of your loved one by scattering their ashes. You may need several containers if you are dividing the ashes among many families.  

What To Do With Ashes

People tend to forget that there is still a final resting place after cremation.

Here are some ideas of what you can do with the ashes;

Interment Of Ashes

Even after the cremation, you can still have a graveside and a burial service. Many graveyards usually have particular sites for burial of cremains. Those sites are smaller, and they cost less compared to the one for a complete body. Still, you can choose columbarium, which is usually large enough for the urn.

Ash Scattering

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Usually, the scattering of the ash happens to the places the deceased loved. Some people have done it in the deceased favorite oceans while skydiving or from an airplane. For the interest of the deceased, there are those few one who has sent ashes to space. 

Make A Cremation Jewelry

Some people want to display the ashes of their love in a position that will remind them of the deceased every day. You can put the ash in a lovely box and place it in a unique position at your home. 

There are different ideas you can do with the cremation urns. Creative minded people have created pieces such as ornaments, jewelry, and decorations using cremains; for example, designing a necklace made of ashes and hanging it on their neck to be close to their heart for the keepsake. 

Why Choose Cremation?

Cremation is a great option you can choose to honor your loved one once they pass on. One of the significant benefits of cremation is that you can have a grand celebration without imposing financial constraints on your budget. Even if you decide to choose a biodegradable urn, unique ornamental ceramic container, or crafted exotic woods, there are high chances that you will still maintain total control of your budget. 

Some more benefits of cremation include;

  • Cremation is environmentally friendly. Unlike land burials where there is the use of land, with cremation nothing is buried, which saves the environment. Burials are considered sources of environmental pollutants.
  • Cremation is quicker. Making a decision, especially during the time of loss, can be time-consuming and challenging, especially if it's your first time. 
  • You can still plan for a funeral service before or after the cremation
  • Less land is used, thus, helping to solve the problem of overcrowded cemeteries. 
  • Cremains are portable. You can put in a container or urn and move them with you.
  • Unlike burials where the burying is done finally, cremation gives the deceased families time to decide on what to do with the ashes. 
  • Cremation is less costly. Opting for cremation will allow you to do away with every cost connected with funerals such as headstone cost, gravesite cemetery fee, and casket cost. 


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Cremation offers a kind of flexibility that traditional burial cant. It not only gives the family and friends of the deceased the flexibility to hold a memorial service to a place that works with all, but it also helps to accomplish the desires of the deceased. Cremation ensures that the preparation of your loved one happens with respect, and the life celebrated according to their wishes. 

Many as a way to set the body free from earthy weariness after death view cremation. That's why many people choose this process to symbolize that their loved one is free from sickness. 

Cremation is also preferred because if the surviving kin decides to relocate to another country or city, it's easier to transfer the remains of their loved one. Also, if a person dies in a place far away from home, the body may be cremated in the area they are in, and the cremated remains shipped to their family members. The family member can then hold a memorial service at their preferred date and then chose to preserve them in a crematorium, scatter or preserve them.


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