Should You Consider Purchasing Cremation Monuments?

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If you have ever been to a funeral, you should be aware of at least one method of memorialization and burial of a loved one. We may have even seen the burial process and taken part in it. When we bury someone, we place a monument upon the burial site of a deceased person to commemorate their lives. This monument is a highly-customized way of remembering someone that is no longer with us.

Did you know that monuments are also available for people that have been cremated? Not only that, but there is a wide variety of styles to choose from. Cremation monuments are the alternative to the traditional tombstones we have seen when we pass by cemeteries. They can look just as stylish and be just as durable. The days of having to go with a casket and tombstone are over.

This increasingly-popular method of remembering friends and family who are no longer with us has many benefits. People sometimes have difficulty choosing between which method to select. This information can help you decide whether having a cremation monument is how you would like to remember a friend or family member that has passed away.

How to Decide on a Burial Method

When it comes to choosing a burial method, there are a few things you should consider. The biggest issue is cost. A study of American attitudes towards ritualization and memorialization in 2015 found several insightful actions Americans take when it comes to burials. This study determined the personal values people have when it comes to one of the most important decisions they will ever make.

These values take into consideration not only religious beliefs, or lack thereof, but also the technological advancements that exist now. It will be helpful to go through the aspects of funerals and memorials for you to make the most informed decision possible when it comes to memorialization.

The Cost of Burial Methods

The issue of cost was a huge factor in the decision to go with cremation over the traditional casket burial. With cost being a primary concern for most people, you will find that cremation is the more affordable option. The lower price has been making this burial method increasingly popular, with around half of all burials in both the United States and Canada being done by way of cremation.

According to the statistics released by the National Funeral Directors Association for 2017, the average cost of a funeral, including a viewing and cremation, was around $6,000. This was over $1,000 less than the average for a casket funeral. 

This may not seem like a big difference, but there are options which would not be necessary to include in the burial process. This can bring the cost for a funeral and memorial down even more significantly.

The price of funerals has been a top concern since at least 2004. It is the main reason people have been choosing cremation over the traditional route. This is a good enough reason for most people to go along with a cremation urn over a casket. 

Thanks to the Internet, an interesting twist is that online crowdfunding has started being used as a method of raising funds to pay for funeral and memorial costs. This has helped relieve some of the financial burden people today face.

You may think cremation lacks any sort of traditional ceremony or other comforting services, but this untrue. These can still be a part of your memorialization of a loved one. There are many options which can be included depending on your preference. You can arrange a funeral to look just like a traditional one, except for the final part of the burial process involving cremation rather than casket burial.

The Use Of Cremation By Organized Religion Is Rising

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While cremation has been the burial method of choice by non-religious people since at least 2004, there has been a surprising rise in the number of Protestant, Catholic, Baptist, and other religious denominations choosing to cremate the remains of their loved ones.

According to the study mentioned earlier, 91% of people identifying themselves as being non-religious said cremation was an option they would go with for a friend or family member. Among the religiously-minded, the majority of them are in favor of cremation.

The Use Of Cremation By Everyone Is Rising

It may seem surprising that those who subscribe to traditional organized religions are coming around to moving away from the casket. However, the overall trend indicates that a majority of people are turning to cremation as their memorialization method of choice. According to the Cremation Association of North America, as of 2018, cremation has already become the preferred chosen method over casket burials. 

This number is expected to rise near to near 60% in 2023 and should continue rising into the foreseeable future. The National Funeral Director's Association predicts that 80% of all memorializations are going to be cremations by 2035. If trends keep going this way, you may be hard-pressed to find someone going the route of casket burial in the future. 

There are several reasons for this drastic shift away from the traditional casket burial, indicating how much society has changed in recent decades. The reasons people are giving include simple changes in preference, weakening religious opposition, and concerns about the environmental impact of casket burials. People in cities are also preferring cremation because of a demand for traditional burial lots.

Technology Is Changing How We Memorialize The Deceased

One more sign of the times worth mentioning is how technology is changing the way we memorialize those no longer with us. The NFDA report mentioned earlier found that young adults are especially open to creating or attending virtual memorialization services. While this is still a novel way to hold a memorial service for the deceased, it is increasing in popularity with younger generations.

The benefit of this over a traditional memorialization is the cost savings on this aspect of handling the death or a friend or family member. All that money saved can go towards other areas of memorialization, such as a monument to remember the deceased by. As technology becomes more entrenched in our lives, we should expect to see more aspects of memorialization become virtual.

Benefits of a Monument for a Cremation Urn

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By now, you are aware of the benefits of cremation over casket burial. With that in mind, you should still consider the memorialization of your passed friend or family member. You probably already know that cremated ashes are kept in an urn, but did you know that you can have a beautiful monument designed to hold the ashes within it? They can even look like traditional burial monuments.

There are plenty of monuments that blend in seamlessly into the background of a family garden by looking like natural rocks and boulders. These types of monuments in memory of loved ones that have passed on can be easily moved into place and serve as focal points in your backyard. 

Since cremation is the more affordable option when it comes to burials, it is also easier on the wallet to get a monument for cremated remains. The burials also require far less space, which brings costs down even further. Monuments for those who have been cremated are very durable. The most resilient types of cremation monuments are those made out of granite and bronze. 

Besides being durable, these types of monuments are very appealing, require a low level of maintenance, and will withstand harsh weather conditions with ease. There is a wide variety of options available for every kind of preference.



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Attitudes towards cremation are changing. We have gone from seeing casket burials being the overwhelming and predominant choice to cremation and urn burials being the preferred way of memorialization. With cremation being an affordable and environmentally-friendly option, cremation monuments are a beautiful way of paying our respects to loved ones.

You should look at the differences between the options available for both casket and cremation burials in person so that you can get a firsthand perspective on the choices available. Knowing what you know now will help you with your final decision.

If you are still unsure about what option to go with, consider the long-term viability of both cremation and casket burial. With societal shifts and environmental changes occurring at an accelerated rate, making a conscious decision will take into account many things that go along with a burial. 

The decision you will make will be a very personal one.  With all the information laid out here, you can rest assured that you are now equipped with the knowledge about what the best option is for the memorialization of those you love when their time comes. Commemorating them with a beautiful monument is a lovely way of giving a tribute to people near and dear to our hearts.


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